Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about cedrama.com. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us!

Using cedrama.com

How do I change my home location?

To change the home or default location, find the desired location through the search box, and then press the "make default" button below the date. The front page of cedrama.com will now show the time for your chosen location or time zone.

How do I add or delete a favorite location or time zone?

To delete a favorite location or time zone, press it to open the favorite's page, and then press the "remove from favorites" button above the favorites. To add a favorite location or time zone, look it up through the search box, and press the "add to favorites" button above the favorites. Your configuration is stored in cookies, so please make sure that your browser does not block cookies and that cookies are not deleted when you quit your browser.

Why is my configuration reset every time I restart my browser?

The configuration on cedrama.com is stored in cookies. To keep your configuration after a browser restart, your browser must be configured to keep cookies between sessions. Hungry firewalls and browser extensions may also eat your cookies.

How can I find the time for other locations and time zones?

Press the search icon in the upper right corner, then type in your query. You can also find a list of major locations on the home page and the time zones page.

Does cedrama.com adjust the time of my device?

We wish, but unfortunately, no. Because of operating system restrictions, a web page can not change the system time. When the cedrama.com web page loads, the displayed cedrama.com synchronized to our server time, but your system clock cedrama.com unchanged.

How do I change between 12 and 24 hour display?

There's an option for 12/24 hour mode on the configuration page.

Keeping the correct time

How can I make my system time more accurate?

We recommend that you make sure your system is configured to synchronize automatically to a time server. You may get better results by using a time server close to your geographical location. For a list of time servers, see .
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